The 6 Most Common Beginner Mistakes in Padel

Coming from a tennis-playing background or simply picking up padel tennis as a sport to indulge in, here are a few things we have noticed in our newcomers. Mastering padel requires learning proper technique and avoiding common pitfalls, just like in any other recreational activity. This article will guide you through the six most frequent mistakes beginners make on the padel court, along with tips on how to prevent them so you are bringing your A-game on the court every single time.

  1. Playing Too Hard and Fast

Beginners have yet to develop the control and technique needed to consistently direct hard shots within the court's boundaries, so it makes sense to swing for the fences with every shot. While it might feel powerful and thrilling, simply hitting the ball is not the end goal. Playing too hard and fast often leads to inconsistency, unforced errors, and poor form. Especially against skilled opponents who deal with measured power in their shots, this strategy backfires, leaving you scrambling to run across courts to hit their well-aimed returns. 

The key is to focus on controlled power. Aim for a comfortable swing speed, using more pace only when setting up winning shots or exploiting clear openings.

  1. Not Getting the Net Game Right

Net = Prime Scoring Goal Zone, 

This formula is something you need to embed into your soul so you don't overlook it. Playing close to the net gives you the advantage of limiting their passing options and putting pressure on them while you are at it! For beginners, while this could take some practice, moving away from the baseline will do you good!

When strategising, give importance to the net; ally it to your cause! Go for a deep lob or volley that allows for controlled shots that put you on the offensive side! Remember, where you position yourself on the court can help you avoid this padel mistake.

  1. Prep Your Racquet!

Keep your eyes on the ball and train your muscles to make adjustments to your grip on your racquet as you clock the receiving shot! Why? Reacting quickly helps you execute the correct shot, which helps you gain an advantage in the game! A two-handed grip on the racquet handle is secure, allowing for better leverage when you connect with the ball and reducing mistakes while in play.

Another common padel mistake you could make as a beginner is to drop your arms along with the racquet low! Be alert, hands up, and on your marks! Anticipate the shot you might get in return, play with confidence, and you will reduce your mistakes, increase your reaction time, and become a good padel player in no time.

  1. Not Using the Walls

Tennis players, you make this mistake as a beginner padel player more often than not! You forgot to take advantage of the walls that enclose the court. Make your experience on the court exhilarating. With practice, you can work out how angled volleys and deceptive lobs can be played if you use the walls correctly. You can gain an advantage and points by giving your opponents a slim chance of returning your shots. Plan out how to best make the walls your partner and the game is half in your bag!

  1. Coordination and Footwork

Did “more energy, more footwork” start playing in your head? Well, we are not far from making this your mantra on the court! Just because you lunge and hit the shot doesn't mean much; you need finesse, and that is how coordinated shots come into play. This padel mistake is difficult to shake off, so from the get-go, learn proper hand, eye, and foot coordination to help your reflexes get the best of you.

Your key focus should be developing agile footwork that allows you to stride to the ball comfortably. To achieve this, try practising side shuffles and lunges before you get on the court!

Good foot coordination = Precise shots from anywhere on the court.

  1. Not Learning Proper Padel Play

Padel has stood out because you use mental as well as physical strength while playing. Your techniques will develop over time; you will master your shots and figure out what shots and style are your best plays; and you will develop your instincts until you are playing mostly on muscle memory because you are always strategizing while you keep an eye on the ball. 

To reach this level, you have required proper instruction and training since the beginning of your padel journey! You need your moves and techniques assessed and professionally critiqued so you don't pick up poor posture or form while in play. You can also always seek out a coach, review videos online, and read up on our blogs to learn the right strategy and moves. By figuring out the nuances, you will be able to develop a well-rounded and effective playing style.

To Recap:

When introduced to a new sport, as a beginner, you are bound to make mistakes. Padel is no different. It is meant to be a fun experience, not a frustrating one.

Don't be too hasty or overconfident; take your time to learn with a calm head. Strategies, coordination, and correct form and technique will take you a long way. These 6 factors will allow you to enjoy the game long-term and be a better player overall! 

You should also look into getting professional help to guide you with tips and coach you so you are physically and mentally ready to shine on the court. Remember, the internet is your best tool for self-learning, so take your time and learn so you avoid the beginner mistakes most make while playing padel. 

Until our next read!