Top 10 Padel Shots Every Player Should Know

Top 10 Padel Shots Every Player Should Know

You have been enjoying padel, meeting up with your friends in the evenings, having fun when you hit the ball around and laughing when you miss.

Here’s a quick look into the types of padel shots or strokes that will help you master the game! Remember, padel tennis shots require a light hand and quick reflexes, after which soon you will be sweating it out as you manoeuvre yourself through the court.

Let’s take you through the top 10 shots that are quite popular when playing padel:

1. The Serve

Ready to dictate the game play? Your serve is what sets the tone of the match and gets you your points! The first padel stroke is likely going to put you on the offence and force your opponent back if you play smart!

  • Drop the ball, and as it bounces as high as your waist height, try to hit the ball with the bottom part of your padel racket under the ball and watch it spin all the way to the other side!

Master the basics; your foundation is built on how much you practice this padel shot.  

2. The Lob

Are you an attacker or defender? Either way, the lob is a padel stroke that works in your favour!

When you play the lob shot as an attacking move, it can land closer to the glass, allowing your opponents little chance to win a point, and as a defensive padel shot, you are forcing them all the way behind the baseline!

  • Hit the ball coming your way with your racket face open, clipping the underside of the ball, making its destination the opposite glass wall.

3. The Volley

With excellent hand-eye coordination and swift reflexes, this quick padel shot doesn't allow the ball to bounce! Volleying close to the net flusters your opposing team and can be used as a forehand or backhand padel stroke. This shot is known to garner points for your team!

4. The Bandeja (aka Tray Shot)

A signature strategic padel shot that requires controlling the power of your shot! The tray, or La Bandeja, is potentially a high-arc shot.

A short swing with your open racket allows you to redirect the ball right over the net, and this leads to the ball bouncing high and deeper into the opposite court. 

5. The Smash

Bated breaths, the ball draws near, and a devastatingly loudsmack. You just hit the ball with maximum power at an angle!

What you just envisioned is the famed winning point, the thunderous conclusion called the “smash!”

When a smash is played, very rarely can you return this padel stroke with anything of your own! A powerful stroke to master when learning the game!

6. The Vibora (aka Slice)

This offensive padel shot is a crowd-pleaser; it is not played too fast or too slow, but with just the right speed and power, you unsettle your opponent when the ball suddenly darts low!

  • You slice your racket sideways, and the ball does the rest! 

The vibora shot is subtle yet one you require in your arsenal; however, it is considered an advanced-level shot that takes a lot of practice and concentration to perfect! 

7. The Chiquita (aka Little One)

Another slow and controlled padel shot for when you are defending. Chiquita intends to disrupt this fast-paced game with soft ball drops, usually right next to the players feet!

This stroke requires little power and a low-headed shot that will have you lobbying right by the net in time for the next shot. 

8. Off-the-wall Shots

We have long heard of utilising the glass walls while playing your opponents on the padel court. How do you achieve this, you ask? This is a fundamental padel shot that can be played on defensive returns and offensive counter-attacks.

Off-the-wall shots usually involve using your imagination to control the ball bouncing against the back wall while in your court to surprise your opponents, who will find it difficult to predict what they might face next. 

9. The Back Wall Boast 

A time-recover gem of a padel shot that keeps the offensive on their toes! Hitting the ball against the back wall gives you a chance to lob the ball high when returning and upset the pace of the game. 

The back wall boast shot may not help you win the game, but it will help you steady yourself and recover while in gameplay. 

10. The Drop Shot

Returning the ball, just shy over the net...  leaves the opposing team members unable to quickly reach the net to lob it back and that right there is your point!

Pulling off this drop shot with finesse and precision could be the difference between winning and losing! 

Now that you are well versed in the various padel shots you can name and understand when playing the game, you are halfway to being a pro padel player!

These 10 padel strokes range from beginner to advanced level of playing, but we believe that practice makes perfect, and our padel courts are always at your disposal to keep you on your toes! 

Have fun playing!